ALA CODE § 10-3B-16 : Alabama Code - Section 10-3B-16: OTHER ACTS NOT REPEALED

The following sections and parts of sections of the Code of Alabama 1975, as amended, are not repealed by this chapter:

(1) Sections 2-10-1 through 2-10-108, regarding cooperatives and associations.

(2) Section 6-3-4, regarding venue of actions against unincorporated groups issuing insurance policies.

(3) Section 6-3-6, regarding venue of actions against unincorporated organizations or associations.

(4) Section 6-5-336, regarding immunity of volunteers of nonprofit organizations if actions are in good faith and in the scope of official functions and duties, and do not represent willful or wanton misconduct.

(5) Section 6-6-220, defining "Person" as including any person, partnership, joint stock company, unincorporated association, or society, or municipal or other corporation.

(6) Section 6-7-80, regarding right to commence actions in name of unincorporated organization or association.

(7) Section 6-7-81, regarding commencement of actions against unincorporated organization or association; satisfaction of judgment against unincorporated organization or association.

(8) Sections 10-4-1 through 10-4-9, regarding Bishops of Diocese, incorporation.

(9) Sections 10-4-20 through 10-4-28, regarding churches, public societies and graveyard owners, incorporation.

(10) Sections 10-4-40 through 10-4-43, regarding Conference of Ministers, incorporation.

(11) Sections 10-4-60 through 10-4-63, regarding state conventions or associations of churches, incorporation.

(12) Sections 10-4-80 through 10-4-82, regarding educational institutions, incorporation.

(13) Sections 10-4-100 through 10-4-115, regarding health care service plans.

(14) Sections 10-4-130 through 10-4-152, regarding industrial development corporations.

(15) Sections 10-4-170 through 10-4-179, regarding local fraternal orders.

(16) Sections 10-4-190 through 10-4-194, regarding single tax and other mutual economic associations.

(17) Section 10-4-210, regarding private foundations.

(18) Section 10-4-260, regarding retail merchants' associations, incorporation.

(19) Section 10-4-280, regarding wholesale merchants' associations, incorporation.

(20) Sections 10-4-320 through 10-4-323, regarding water power companies.

(21) Sections 10-11-1 through 10-11-5, regarding officers of not-for-profit corporations, associations or organizations liable only for willful or wanton misconduct or fraud, or gross negligence.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-527, p. 1064, §16.)