ALA CODE § 13A-11-200 : Alabama Code - Section 13A-11-200: REPORTING AND REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS

(a) The Legislature declares that its intent in imposing certain reporting and registration requirements on criminal sex offenders is to protect the public, especially children, from the dangers posed by criminal sex offenders and not to further punish such offenders.

(b) If any person, except a delinquent child, as defined in Section 12-15-1, residing in Alabama, has heretofore been convicted, or shall be convicted in any state or municipal court in Alabama, or federal court, or so convicted in another state in any court having jurisdiction similar to the jurisdiction of state and municipal courts in Alabama for any of the offenses hereinafter enumerated, such person shall, upon his or her release from legal custody, register with the sheriff of the county of his or her legal residence within seven days following such release or within 30 days after September 7, 1967, in case such person was released prior to such date. For purposes of this article, a conviction includes a plea of nolo contendere, regardless of whether adjudication was withheld. The offenses above referred to are generally any act of sexual perversion involving a member of the same or the opposite sex, or any sexual abuse of any member of the same or the opposite sex or any attempt to commit any of these acts, and without limiting the generality of the above statement shall include specifically: Rape, as proscribed by Sections 13A-6-61 and 13A-6-62; sodomy, as proscribed by Sections 13A-6-63 and 13A-6-64; sexual misconduct, as proscribed by Section 13A-6-65; indecent exposure, as proscribed by Section 13A-6-68; promoting prostitution in the first or second degree, as proscribed by Sections 13A-12-111 and 13A-12-112; obscenity, as proscribed by Section 13A-12-131; incest, as proscribed by Section 13A-13-3; or the attempt to commit any of the above offenses.

(c) Any person having been so convicted shall upon moving his legal residence from one county to another register with the sheriff of the county to which he has moved within seven days after such removal. It shall be unlawful for a convicted sex offender as described in this article to fail or refuse to register as required in this section and failure to do so is a Class C felony.

(Acts 1967, No. 507, p. 1222, §1; Code 1975, §13-10-20; Act 2005-301, 1st Sp. Sess., §1.)