ALA CODE § 32-7A-6 : Alabama Code - Section 32-7A-6: EVIDENCE OF INSURANCE; INSURANCE CARD

(a) Every operator of a motor vehicle subject to the provisions of Section 32-7A-4 shall carry within the vehicle evidence of insurance. The evidence shall be legible and sufficient to demonstrate that the motor vehicle currently is covered by a liability insurance policy as required under Section 32-7A-4 and may include, but is not limited to, the following:

(1) An insurance card, or temporary insurance card, provided by the insurer under this section.

(2) The combination of proof of purchase of the motor vehicle within the previous 60 calendar days and a current and valid insurance card issued for the motor vehicle replaced by such purchase.

(3) The current declarations page of a liability insurance policy.

(4) A liability insurance binder, or legible copy thereof, certificate of liability insurance, or legible copy thereof, or receipt for payment to an insurer or its authorized representative for a liability insurance premium, or legible copy thereof; provided such document contains all information required in this chapter.

(5) A current motor vehicle rental agreement for the vehicle, which specifies insurance coverage by the rental company or the operator in the minimum amounts, provided in Section 32-7-6(c).

(b) The insurer issuing the liability insurance policy shall provide an insurance card for each motor vehicle insured that shall contain the following information:

(1) The vehicle year model.

(2) The vehicle make.

(3) The vehicle identification number (VIN).

(4) The name of the insured(s).

(5) The name of the insurance company.

(6) The policy number.

(7) The effective date and expiration date, which shall cover a period of time not to exceed 12 months.

(c) Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the insurance card is issued for a fleet policy, the card may state "FLEET" in lieu of vehicle years, makes, and VIN's; and further provided that if the insurance card is issued for a nonowner policy, the card may state "NONOWNER POLICY" in lieu of the vehicle year, make, and VIN.

(d) The minimum size of the insurance card shall be 3" by 2 1/8", with a minimum 20 pound paper stock required or the equivalent. All required information shall be displayed on the front of the card. The insurance card may include other information at the discretion of the insurer. Insurance companies may allow authorized representatives to issue temporary insurance cards to satisfy the requirements of this chapter. Temporary insurance cards are not required to have the policy number but shall contain all other required information.

(e) No insurer shall issue a card, similar in appearance, form, and content to the insurance card required under this section, in connection with an insurance policy that does not provide the liability insurance coverage required under Section 32-7A-4.

(f) Insurance binders, certificates of liability insurance, and premium receipts, in order to qualify as proof of insurance, must meet the following requirements (except where noted):

(1) Insurance company name.

(2) Policy number - not required on a binder or premium receipt.

(3) Effective date.

(4) Expiration date.

(5) Name of insured(s).

(6) Vehicle year model - not required if issued for a fleet policy or for a nonowner policy.

(7) Vehicle make - not required if issued for a fleet policy or for a nonowner policy.

(8) Vehicle identification number - not required if issued for a fleet policy or for a nonowner policy.

(9) Date of premium payment - required only on a premium receipt.

(10) Signature of authorized representative.

(g) The combination proof of purchase of a motor vehicle, as provided in subsection (a) above, shall consist of a legible copy of the legal bill of sale if the motor vehicle is not subject to the provisions of the Alabama Uniform Certificate of Title and Antitheft Act, or the owner's copy of the application for certificate of title for a 1975 and subsequent year model vehicle, or an official copy of a current and valid Alabama temporary registration receipt as authorized under Section 32-6-210 to Section 32-6-219, inclusive, assigned to the vehicle being operated.

(h) The evidence of insurance shall be displayed upon request made by any law enforcement officer wearing a uniform or displaying a badge or other sign of authority. Any person who fails or refuses to comply with such request is in violation of Section 32-7A-16. Any person who displays evidence of insurance, knowing there is no valid liability insurance in effect on the motor vehicle as required under Section 32-7A-4 or knowing the evidence of insurance is illegally altered, counterfeit, or otherwise invalid, is in violation of Section 32-7A-16.

(Act 2000-554, p. 1005, §1.)