CAL. FAC. CODE § 47004 : California Code - Section 47004

(a) Certified farmers' markets may establish rules and procedures that are more restrictive or do not violate state law or regulation governing or implementing this chapter.

(b) Certified farmers' markets are locations established in accordance with local ordinances, where California farmers may transport and sell to the public California agricultural products that they produced, that are exempt from the established grade, size, labeling, packaging and other such requirements for fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and operated in accordance with this chapter and regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter.

(c) The governing body of any certified farmers' market operating with more than one participating certified producer shall adopt written rules and procedures pertaining to the operation of the market. The rules shall include a requirement that the governing body and its designated agents establish, implement, and enforce all rules and procedures pertaining to the operation of the certified farmers' market in a fair, nondiscriminatory, and equitable manner.