CAL. HSC. CODE § 25360 : California Code - Section 25360

(a) Any costs incurred by the department or regional board in carrying out this chapter shall be recoverable pursuant to state or federal law by the Attorney General, upon the request of the department or regional board, from the liable person or persons. The amount of any response action costs that may be recovered pursuant to this section shall include interest on any amount paid. The interest on amounts paid from the state account or the Site Remediation Account shall be calculated at the rate of return earned on investment in the Surplus Money Investment Fund pursuant to Section 16475 of the Government Code.

(b) A person who is liable for costs incurred at a site shall have the liability reduced by any reimbursements that were paid by that person for that site pursuant to Section 25343.

(c) The amount of cost determined pursuant to this section shall be recoverable at the discretion of the department, either in a separate action or by way of intervention as of right in an action for contribution or indemnity. Nothing in this section deprives a party of any defense that the party may have.

(d) Money recovered by the Attorney General pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the state account.