(a) Every owner of a coin-operated vending machine in this State, including amusement machines, music machines, cigarette vending machines and all merchandising machines regardless of the product dispensed shall affix thereto a label identifying the owner of the machine and the owner's address, which identifying label shall not be less than 2 square inches in area.

(b) Except as provided in Chapter 53 of this title, whoever being the owner of a vending machine requiring an identifying label pursuant to this section fails to affix to each such machine the identifying label required by this section or who, on written request of the Director of Revenue or the Director's designee, fails to disclose within a reasonable time not to exceed 120 hours the present location of any or all such machines (including amusement machines and music machines but not cigarette vending machines) to the Division of Revenue shall be fined not less than $25 nor more than $50, for each machine not having such identifying label affixed thereto or whose location is not disclosed in accordance with this subsection. A fine of not less than $50 or more than $100 for each machine shall be applicable whenever an owner fails both to affix the identifying label to, and disclose the present location of, a machine in accordance with the requirements of this section. For purposes of this subsection, failure to disclose in response to a subsequent request which is substantially identical to a request issued less than 60 days earlier shall be considered to be a continuation of the earlier failure to disclose and shall not constitute a separate act for purposes of this subsection. The Superior Court in and for the county in which the machine is located or in which the Division of Revenue maintains its principal office shall have exclusive original jurisdiction over offenses described in this subsection.

(c) Vending machine license. -- Every coin-operated vending machine in this State, other than amusement machines specified in § 2301(a)(2) of this title, or cigarette machines specified in § 5308(c) of this title, shall have affixed thereto an identifying stamp or decal issued by the Division of Revenue upon application by the owner and payment of a fee of $5 for each machine; provided, that the coin required to operate such machine is valued at $.05 or more.

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