Ind. Code § 23-1-45-3 : Indiana Code - Section 23-1-45-3: Filing of articles of dissolution; date of dissolution

(a) At any time after dissolution is authorized, the corporation may dissolve by delivering to the secretary of state for filing articles of dissolution setting forth the following:
(1) The name of the corporation.
(2) The date dissolution was authorized.
(3) If dissolution was approved by the shareholders:
(A) the number of votes entitled to be cast on the proposal to dissolve; and
(B) either the total number of votes cast for and against dissolution or the total number of undisputed votes cast for dissolution and a statement that the number cast for dissolution was sufficient for approval.
If voting by voting groups is required, the information required by this subdivision shall be separately provided for each voting group entitled to vote separately on the plan to dissolve.
(b) A corporation is dissolved upon the effective date of its articles of dissolution.
As added by P.L.149-1986, SEC.29.