Ind. Code § 35-38-1-13 : Indiana Code - Section 35-38-1-13: Confidentiality of presentence report or memoranda

(a) Any:
(1) presentence report or memoranda; and
(2) report of a physical or mental examination;
submitted to the court in connection with sentencing shall be kept confidential.
(b) The materials specified in subsection (a) may not be made available to any person or public or private agency other than:
(1) the convicted person and his counsel;
(2) the prosecuting attorney;
(3) a probation department;
(4) the community corrections program in which an offender is placed under IC 35-38-2.6; and
(5) the Indiana criminal justice institute established under IC 5-2-6;
except where specifically required or permitted by statute or upon specific authorization by the court and the convicted person.
As added by P.L.311-1983, SEC.3. Amended by P.L.135-1993, SEC.5; P.L.292-1995, SEC.1.