N.Y. ADC. LAW § 24-609 : NY Code - Section 24-609: Hazardous substances list; release notification and response regulations

a. The commissioner shall by  regulation  establish  within  one year from enactment of this section, a list of hazardous substances.
  The  commissioner shall consider whether any of the following substances
  shall be included on such list: (1) the extremely  hazardous  substances
  set  forth  in  a  list published pursuant to the emergency planning and
  community right-to-know act of 1986, (2) the hazardous wastes identified
  under or listed pursuant to the resource conservation and  recovery  act
  of  1976,  as  amended,  (3)  the hazardous substances referred to in or
  designated  pursuant  to  the  comprehensive   environmental   response,
  compensation,  and  liability act of 1980, as amended, (4) the elements,
  compounds  and  mixtures  determined  to  be  hazardous   chemicals   in
  accordance with standards for toxic and hazardous substances promulgated
  pursuant  to the occupational safety and health act of 1970, as amended,
  and (5) the hazardous materials designated  pursuant  to  the  hazardous
  materials transportation act, as amended.
    b.   The   commissioner   may  promulgate  regulations  requiring  any
  responsible person who knows or has reason to know of any release  of  a
  listed  hazardous substance to immediately notify the commissioner. Such
  regulations shall establish the minimum quantity of any listed hazardous
  substance the release of which shall be reported to the commissioner and
  shall set forth the form and manner  of  any  notification  required.  A
  knowing  failure  to  comply with such notification requirement shall be
  punishable by a fine of not more than twenty-five thousand  dollars,  to
  be  recovered  in a civil action brought in the name of the commissioner
  or in a proceeding before the environmental control board.