N.Y. ADC. LAW § 28-207.4 : NY Code - Section 28-207.4: Vacate order

In case any order to remedy a condition that
  is or may be imminently perilous,  dangerous  or  detrimental  to  life,
  public  safety  or  property, issued by the commissioner is not complied
  with, or the commissioner determines that an emergency exists  requiring
  such  action,  the  commissioner  may  order  and  immediately cause any
  building, structure, place or premises to be vacated. The  vacate  order
  may  be given verbally or in writing to the owner, lessee or occupant of
  the property involved, or to the agent of any of them, or to the  person
  or persons executing the work. A verbal order shall be followed promptly
  by  a written order and shall include the reason for the issuance of the
  vacate order.