N.Y. CCA. LAW § 208 : NY Code - Section 208: Counterclaims

The   court  shall  have  jurisdiction  of
  counterclaims as follows:
    (a) Of any counterclaim the subject matter of which  would  be  within
  the jurisdiction of the court if sued upon separately.
    (b) Of any counterclaim for money only, without regard to amount.
    (c) Of any counterclaim for:
    1.  the  rescission  or  reformation of the transaction upon which the
  plaintiff's cause of action is founded, if the amount in controversy  on
  such counterclaim does not exceed $25,000; or
    2.  an  accounting  between  partners  after  the  dissolution  of the
  partnership, where the book value of the  partnership  assets  does  not
  exceed  $25,000  and  the  plaintiff's cause of action arises out of the
    (d) In an action commenced in the housing part by the city  department
  charged  with  enforcing  the multiple dwelling law, housing maintenance
  code, or other state or local laws  applicable  to  the  enforcement  of
  proper   housing   standards,  no  counterclaim  may  be  interposed  or
  maintained except if it relates to an action or proceeding specified  in
  subdivision (a) of § 110 of this act.