N.Y. CCA. LAW § 405 : NY Code - Section 405: Summons; service without the city of New York permissible but not giving personal jurisdiction in certain actions

Service  may  be
  made  without the city of New York or the state by any person authorized
  to make service in a like instance in supreme  court  and  in  the  same
  manner as service in such court may be made:
    (a) in a real property action as defined in § 203 of this act; or
    (b)  in  an  action  to  foreclose a lien on, or to recover, a chattel
  seized within the city of New York; or
    (c) where a levy upon property of the person to  be  served  has  been
  made within the city of New York pursuant to an order of attachment; or
    (d)  where  the  case is within CPLR § 1006 (g) and a sum of money has
  been paid or deposited as provided for therein.