N.Y. CPL. LAW § 150.10 : NY Code - Section 150.10: Appearance ticket; definition, form and content

1. An appearance ticket is a written notice issued and subscribed by a
  police  officer or other public servant authorized by state law or local
  law enacted pursuant to the provisions of the municipal home rule law to
  issue the same, directing a designated person to appear in a  designated
  local  criminal court at a designated future time in connection with his
  alleged commission of a designated offense.  A notice conforming to such
  definition constitutes an appearance ticket regardless of whether it  is
  referred  to in some other provision of law as a summons or by any other
  name or title.
    2. When an appearance ticket as defined in  subdivision  one  of  this
  section  is issued to a person in conjunction with an offense charged in
  a simplified information,  said  appearance  ticket  shall  contain  the
  language, set forth in subdivision four of section 100.25, notifying the
  defendant of his right to receive a supporting deposition.