N.Y. CPL. LAW § 160.60 : NY Code - Section 160.60: Effect of termination of criminal actions in favor of the accused

Upon the termination of a criminal  action  or  proceeding  against  a
  person in favor of such person, as defined in subdivision two of section
  160.50  of  this  chapter,  the arrest and prosecution shall be deemed a
  nullity and the accused shall be restored, in contemplation of  law,  to
  the status he occupied before the arrest and prosecution.  The arrest or
  prosecution  shall  not  operate  as a disqualification of any person so
  accused  to  pursue  or  engage  in  any  lawful  activity,  occupation,
  profession, or calling.  Except where specifically required or permitted
  by  statute  or upon specific authorization of a superior court, no such
  person shall be required to divulge information pertaining to the arrest
  or prosecution.