N.Y. DOM. LAW § 238 : NY Code - Section 238: Expenses in enforcement proceedings

In  any  action  or
  proceeding to compel the payment of any sum of money required to be paid
  by a judgment or order entered in an  action  for  divorce,  separation,
  annulment  or  declaration  of  nullity  of  a  void marriage, or in any
  proceeding pursuant to section  two  hundred  forty-three,  two  hundred
  forty-four,  two hundred forty-five, or two hundred forty-six, the court
  may in its discretion require either party to pay the  expenses  of  the
  other  in bringing, carrying on, or defending such action or proceeding.
  In any such action or proceeding,  applications  for  counsel  fees  and
  expenses may be maintained by the attorney for the respective parties in
  counsel's own name and in counsel's own behalf.