NY Code - Article 14: AIRCRAFT

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  • Section 240 Definitions
  • Section 241 Qualifications of operator; federal license
  • Section 242 Possession and exhibition of license certificate
  • Section 243 Aircraft; construction, design and airworthiness; federal registration
  • Section 245 Air traffic rules
  • Section 246 Penalties for violation of the foregoing provisions
  • Section 247 Examination of wrecked aircraft before destruction or removal
  • Section 248 Aircraft on Lake Mahopac, Lake Moraine, Lake George, and Lake Oscawana, Owasco Lake and Greenwood Lake prohibited
  • Section 248-A Operation of aircraft on certain lakes in the town of Lewisboro, county of Westchester
  • Section 249 Location of privately-owned airports
  • Section 250 Service of summons on nonresidents or residents who depart from state
  • Section 251 Liability of an owner of aircraft
  • Section 251-A Notice of insurance coverage in aircraft rental agreements
  • Section 251-B Flight school background checks
  • Section 251-C Disqualification of a flight instruction school applicant