NY Code - Article 9-A: PASSAGE TICKETS

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  • Section 115 Company defined
  • Section 116 Redemption of unused passage tickets
  • Section 117 Advertising as agent, without written authorization; false or misleading information
  • Section 118 Issuance of order or other instrument securing passage by vessel from foreign port to this state; what to contain
  • Section 119 Punishment for violation of two preceding sections
  • Section 120 Street railroad or omnibus transfer tickets not to be given away or sold
  • Section 121 Owners, pursers and clerks allowed to sell tickets
  • Section 122 Station masters, conductors and agents allowed to sell tickets
  • Section 123 What must be stated in passage ticket
  • Section 124 Sale of tickets not filled out, a misdemeanor
  • Section 125 Soliciting the surrender of tickets a misdemeanor
  • Section 126 Purchase or selling partially used non-transferable railroad tickets, a misdemeanor
  • Section 127 Unlawful acts relating to passage tickets, reservations or passenger accommodations