N.Y. LAB. LAW § 202-k : NY Code - Section 202-K: Protection of persons employed in the broadcast industry

  For the purposes of this section:
    (a) "Broadcasting industry employer" includes television  stations  or
  networks,  radio  stations  or  networks,  cable  stations  or networks,
  internet or satellite-based services similar to a broadcast  station  or
  network,  any broadcast entities affiliated with any of the employers of
  this paragraph, or any other entity that provides broadcasting  services
  such  as  news,  weather,  traffic,  sports, or entertainment reports or
    (b) "Broadcast employee" means any on-air employee or off-air employee
  of a broadcasting industry employer, excluding management employees.
    2. A broadcasting industry employer shall not require as  a  condition
  of  employment,  whether  in an employment contract or otherwise, that a
  broadcast  employee  or  prospective  broadcast  employee  refrain  from
  obtaining employment:
    (a) in any specified geographic area;
    (b) for a specific period of time; or
    (c)  with any particular employer or in any particular industry; after
  the conclusion of employment with such broadcasting  industry  employer.
  This  section  shall  not  apply to preventing the enforcement of such a
  covenant during the term of an employment contract.
    3. Any person who violates this section shall be civilly liable  to  a
  broadcast employee for damages, attorney's fees and costs.