N.Y. MIL. LAW § 2 : NY Code - Section 2: Militia of the state; division and composition

1. The militia of
  the state shall be divided into the organized militia, the state reserve
  list,  the state retired list and the unorganized militia. The organized
  militia shall be composed of the New York army national guard;  the  New
  York air national guard; the inactive national guard; the New York naval
  militia;  the  New  York guard whenever such a state force shall be duly
  organized and such additional forces as may be created by the governor.
    2. The unorganized militia  shall  consist  of  all  able-bodied  male
  residents  of the state between the ages of seventeen and forty-five who
  are not serving in any force of the organized militia or who are not  on
  the state reserve list or the state retired list and who are or who have
  declared  their  intention  to  become  citizens  of  the United States,
  subject, however, to such exemptions from military duty as  are  created
  by the laws of the United States.
    3. The state reserve list and the state retired list shall include the
  persons  who  are lawfully carried thereon on the effective date of this
  act and such persons who may be transferred thereto or placed thereon by
  the governor in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.
    4. The terms "organized militia," "all or any part  of  the  organized
  militia," "organized militia or any part thereof" and "organized militia
  or any force thereof," whenever used in this chapter, unless a different
  meaning  is  plainly required by the context, shall be deemed to include
  any unit, command, component,  element,  headquarters,  staff  or  cadre
  thereof as well as any member or members.