N.Y. PBH. LAW § 3397-f : NY Code - Section 3397-F: Antonio G

Olivieri  controlled  substances  therapeutic
  research program;  distribution.    1.  The  commissioner  shall  obtain
  marijuana  through  whatever means he deems most appropriate, consistent
  with regulations promulgated by the national institute  on  drug  abuse,
  the food and drug administration and the drug enforcement administration
  and pursuant to the provisions of this article.
    2.  If, within a reasonable time, the commissioner is unable to obtain
  controlled substances pursuant to subdivision one of  this  section,  he
  shall conduct an inventory of available sources of such drugs, including
  but  not  limited  to  the  New  York  state  police  bureau of criminal
  investigation and local law enforcement officials. Said inventory  shall
  be   for  the  purpose  of  determining  the  feasibility  of  obtaining
  controlled substances for use  in  the  program.  Upon  conducting  said
  inventory, the commissioner shall contract with the available source for
  the receipt of controlled substances.
    3.  The commissioner shall cause such marijuana to be transferred to a
  hospital for distribution to the  certified  patient  pursuant  to  this