N.Y. PEN. LAW § 225.30 : NY Code - Section 225.30: Possession of a gambling device

a.  A  person  is guilty of possession of a gambling device when, with
  knowledge of the character  thereof,  he  or  she  manufactures,  sells,
  transports,   places   or  possesses,  or  conducts  or  negotiates  any
  transaction affecting or designed to affect ownership,  custody  or  use
    1.  A  slot  machine,  unless such possession is permitted pursuant to
  article nine-A of the general municipal law; or
    2. Any other gambling device, believing that the same is to be used in
  the advancement of unlawful gambling activity; or
    3. A coin operated gambling device with intent to use such  device  in
  the advancement of unlawful gambling activity.
    b.  Possession  of  a  slot  machine  shall not be unlawful where such
  possession and use is pursuant to a gaming compact, duly executed by the
  governor and  an  Indian  tribe  or  Nation,  under  the  Indian  Gaming
  Regulatory  Act,  as  codified  at 25 U.S.C. §§§§ 2701-2721 and 18 U.S.C
  §§§§ 1166-1168, where the use  of  such  slot  machine  or  machines  is
  consistent  with  such  gaming  compact  and  where the state receives a
  negotiated percentage of the net drop (defined as  gross  money  wagered
  after  payout,  but  before  expenses)  from  any  such  slot machine or
    c. Transportation and possession  of  a  slot  machine  shall  not  be
  unlawful  where  such  transportation  and  possession  is  necessary to
  facilitate the training of persons in the repair and  reconditioning  of
  such  machines  as  are  used  or are to be used for operations in those
  casinos authorized pursuant to a tribal-state compact  as  provided  for
  pursuant  to  section eleven hundred seventy-two of title fifteen of the
  United States Code in the state of New York.
    Possession of a gambling device is a class A misdemeanor.