N.Y. SCP. LAW § 1608 : NY Code - Section 1608: Ancillary letters generally 1

A  person  acting  in  the  decedent's  domicile  as executor or
  administrator or to administer the decedent's estate in accordance  with
  the  law  thereof  may  by  an  acknowledged  instrument  designate  and
  authorize the appointment of a person eligible to receive letters to act
  as  ancillary  administrator  or  ancillary  administrator   c.t.a.   If
  conflicting designations or joint plural designations are made or if two
  or  more  persons are entitled jointly to letters under this article the
  court may appoint one or more of the persons so  designated  or  one  or
  more of the persons so entitled.
    2.   A person to whom ancillary letters are issued must qualify in the
  same manner as prescribed  in  this  act  for  the  qualification  of  a
  fiduciary  except  that the penalty of the bond may be in such sum as to
  the court seems just, unless the will dispenses with  the  filing  of  a
  bond  by  the  fiduciary  named  therein,  in  which  case the court may
  dispense with the filing of a bond by the fiduciary so named.
    3.  In any case where the court is satisfied that there is no creditor
  of the decedent who is a domiciliary of this state and  that  no  estate
  tax  is  assessable  in  this state, ancillary letters may issue without
  bond.  Before issuing such letters without bond, however, the court  may
  require  that  supplemental  process  issue,  directed  generally to all
  creditors or persons claiming to be creditors who are domiciled in  this
  state  and  that  it  be  served  by publication unless such process had
  theretofore been served in the proceeding.
    4.   All of the provisions of this  act  relating  to  eligibility  to
  receive  letters  shall  be  applicable  to appointments made under this
    5.  Before granting ancillary letters on any application therefor  the
  court  may  require  the  petitioner  or  any  other person seeking such
  letters to serve by mail a written notice of the application upon  every
  domiciliary  beneficiary who has not been served with process or has not
  appeared in the proceeding for ancillary letters or  waived  service  of
  process therein.  Such notice shall be in the form prescribed in 1005 if
  the  application  be  for  ancillary letters of administration or in the
  form prescribed in 1409 if the  application  be  for  ancillary  letters
  testamentary  or ancillary letters of administration c.t.a. and shall be
  served in accordance with the applicable section.
    6.   Any corporate banking institution of  any  state  of  the  United
  States,  the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, territory or possession of the
  United States not entitled of right under the  banking  law  to  receive
  such letters may nevertheless be authorized by the court to receive such
  letters upon filing such bond as the court may require.