TEX TN. CODE ANN. § 521.142 : Texas Statutes - Section 521.142: APPLICATION FOR ORIGINAL LICENSE

(a) An application for an original license must state the applicant's full name and place and date of birth. This information must be verified by presentation of proof of identity satisfactory to the department. The department must accept as satisfactory proof of identity under this subsection an offender identification card or similar form of identification issued to an inmate by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

(b) The application must include:

(1) the thumbprints of the applicant or, if thumbprints cannot be taken, the index fingerprints of the applicant;

(2) a photograph of the applicant;

(3) the signature of the applicant; and

(4) a brief description of the applicant.

(c) The application must state:

(1) the sex of the applicant;

(2) the residence address of the applicant;

(3) whether the applicant has been licensed to drive a motor vehicle before;

(4) if previously licensed, when and by what state or country;

(5) whether that license has been suspended or revoked or a license application denied;

(6) the date and reason for the suspension, revocation, or denial;

(7) whether the applicant is a citizen of the United States; and

(8) the county of residence of the applicant.

(d) If the applicant is under 25 years of age, the application must state whether the applicant has completed a driver education course approved by the department.

(e) The application must include any other information the department requires to determine the applicant's identity, competency, and eligibility.

(f) Information supplied to the department relating to an applicant's medical history is for the confidential use of the department and may not be disclosed to any person or used as evidence in a legal proceeding other than a proceeding under Subchapter N. This subsection does not apply to information provided by an applicant under Subsection (h).

(g) The department may require an applicant to provide the applicant's social security number only for a purpose permitted by Section 521.044.

(h) The application must provide space for the applicant to voluntarily list any health condition that may impede communication with a peace officer as evidenced by a written statement from a licensed physician.

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Amended by:

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