11 U.S.C. § 556 : US Code - Section 556: Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a commodities contract or forward contract

      The contractual right of a commodity broker, financial
    participant, or forward contract merchant to cause the liquidation,
    termination, or acceleration of a commodity contract, as defined in
    section 761 of this title, or forward contract because of a
    condition of the kind specified in section 365(e)(1) of this title,
    and the right to a variation or maintenance margin payment received
    from a trustee with respect to open commodity contracts or forward
    contracts, shall not be stayed, avoided, or otherwise limited by
    operation of any provision of this title or by the order of a court
    in any proceeding under this title. As used in this section, the
    term "contractual right" includes a right set forth in a rule or
    bylaw of a derivatives clearing organization (as defined in the
    Commodity Exchange Act), a multilateral clearing organization (as
    defined in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Improvement
    Act of 1991), a national securities exchange, a national securities
    association, a securities clearing agency, a contract market
    designated under the Commodity Exchange Act, a derivatives
    transaction execution facility registered under the Commodity
    Exchange Act, or a board of trade (as defined in the Commodity
    Exchange Act) or in a resolution of the governing board thereof and
    a right, whether or not evidenced in writing, arising under common
    law, under law merchant or by reason of normal business practice.