16 U.S.C. § 4013 : US Code - Section 4013: Petitions

    (a) Filing of petition
      Any person subject to assessment under section 4012 of this title
    may file a written petition with the Secretary alleging that - 
        (1) the assessment,
        (2) the plan approved under section 4011(a)(1) of this title on
      which the assessment is based, or
        (3) any obligation imposed under the plan,

    is not in accordance with law and requesting the Secretary to
    modify or take other appropriate action regarding the assessment or
    (b) Form of petition
      Any such petition shall be in writing and filed within the period
    prescribed by the Secretary. A person who files a petition under
    this section shall be given an opportunity for a hearing regarding
    the petition in accordance with regulations issued by the
    Secretary. After such a hearing, or if no hearing is requested,
    after consideration of all documentation and other evidence, the
    Secretary shall make a ruling upon such petition.