18 U.S.C. § 1153 : US Code - Section 1153: Offenses committed within Indian country

      (a) Any Indian who commits against the person or property of
    another Indian or other person any of the following offenses,
    namely, murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, maiming, a felony under
    chapter 109A, incest, assault with intent to commit murder, assault
    with a dangerous weapon, assault resulting in serious bodily injury
    (as defined in section 1365 of this title), an assault against an
    individual who has not attained the age of 16 years, felony child
    abuse or neglect, arson, burglary, robbery, and a felony under
    section 661 of this title within the Indian country, shall be
    subject to the same law and penalties as all other persons
    committing any of the above offenses, within the exclusive
    jurisdiction of the United States.
      (b) Any offense referred to in subsection (a) of this section
    that is not defined and punished by Federal law in force within the
    exclusive jurisdiction of the United States shall be defined and
    punished in accordance with the laws of the State in which such
    offense was committed as are in force at the time of such offense.