18 U.S.C. § 3164 : US Code - Section 3164: Persons detained or designated as being of high risk

      (a) The trial or other disposition of cases involving - 
        (1) a detained person who is being held in detention solely
      because he is awaiting trial, and
        (2) a released person who is awaiting trial and has been
      designated by the attorney for the Government as being of high

    shall be accorded priority.
      (b) The trial of any person described in subsection (a)(1) or
    (a)(2) of this section shall commence not later than ninety days
    following the beginning of such continuous detention or designation
    of high risk by the attorney for the Government. The periods of
    delay enumerated in section 3161(h) are excluded in computing the
    time limitation specified in this section.
      (c) Failure to commence trial of a detainee as specified in
    subsection (b), through no fault of the accused or his counsel, or
    failure to commence trial of a designated releasee as specified in
    subsection (b), through no fault of the attorney for the
    Government, shall result in the automatic review by the court of
    the conditions of release. No detainee, as defined in subsection
    (a), shall be held in custody pending trial after the expiration of
    such ninety-day period required for the commencement of his trial.
    A designated releasee, as defined in subsection (a), who is found
    by the court to have intentionally delayed the trial of his case
    shall be subject to an order of the court modifying his
    nonfinancial conditions of release under this title to insure that
    he shall appear at trial as required.