2 U.S.C. § 433 : US Code - Section 433: Registration of political committees

    (a) Statements of organizations
      Each authorized campaign committee shall file a statement of
    organization no later than 10 days after designation pursuant to
    section 432(e)(1) of this title. Each separate segregated fund
    established under the provisions of section 441b(b) of this title
    shall file a statement of organization no later than 10 days after
    establishment. All other committees shall file a statement of
    organization within 10 days after becoming a political committee
    within the meaning of section 431(4) of this title.
    (b) Contents of statements
      The statement of organization of a political committee shall
    include - 
        (1) the name, address, and type of committee;
        (2) the name, address, relationship, and type of any connected
      organization or affiliated committee;
        (3) the name, address, and position of the custodian of books
      and accounts of the committee;
        (4) the name and address of the treasurer of the committee;
        (5) if the committee is authorized by a candidate, the name,
      address, office sought, and party affiliation of the candidate;
        (6) a listing of all banks, safety deposit boxes, or other
      depositories used by the committee.
    (c) Change of information in statements
      Any change in information previously submitted in a statement of
    organization shall be reported in accordance with section 432(g) of
    this title no later than 10 days after the date of the change.
    (d) Termination, etc., requirements and authorities
      (1) A political committee may terminate only when such a
    committee files a written statement, in accordance with section
    432(g) of this title, that it will no longer receive any
    contributions or make any disbursements and that such committee has
    no outstanding debts or obligations.
      (2) Nothing contained in this subsection may be construed to
    eliminate or limit the authority of the Commission to establish
    procedures for - 
        (A) the determination of insolvency with respect to any
      political committee;
        (B) the orderly liquidation of an insolvent political
      committee, and the orderly application of its assets for the
      reduction of outstanding debts; and
        (C) the termination of an insolvent political committee after
      such liquidation and application of assets.