24 U.S.C. § 34 : US Code - Section 34: Hospitalization of persons outside continental limits of United States; persons entitled; availability of other facilities; rate of charges; disposition of payments

      In addition to those persons, including the dependents of naval
    and Marine Corps personnel, now authorized to receive
    hospitalization at naval hospitals, hospitalization and dispensary
    service may be provided at naval hospitals and dispensaries outside
    of the continental limits of the United States and in Alaska, to
    the officers and employees of any department or agency of the
    Federal Government, to employees of a contractor with the United
    States or his subcontractor, to the dependents of such persons, and
    in emergencies to such other persons as the Secretary of the Navy
    may prescribe: Provided, That such hospitalization and dispensary
    service to other than the dependents of naval and Marine Corps
    personnel shall be permitted only where facilities are not
    otherwise available in reasonably accessible and appropriate non-
    Federal hospitals. The charge for hospitalization or dispensary
    service for persons other than dependents of naval and Marine Corps
    personnel as specified in this section shall be at such rates as
    the President shall from time to time prescribe, and shall be
    deposited as provided in section 32 (!1) of this title.