28 U.S.C. § 754 : US Code - Section 754: Receivers of property in different districts

      A receiver appointed in any civil action or proceeding involving
    property, real, personal or mixed, situated in different districts
    shall, upon giving bond as required by the court, be vested with
    complete jurisdiction and control of all such property with the
    right to take possession thereof.
      He shall have capacity to sue in any district without ancillary
    appointment, and may be sued with respect thereto as provided in
    section 959 of this title.
      Such receiver shall, within ten days after the entry of his order
    of appointment, file copies of the complaint and such order of
    appointment in the district court for each district in which
    property is located. The failure to file such copies in any
    district shall divest the receiver of jurisdiction and control over
    all such property in that district.