28 U.S.C. § 1330 : US Code - Section 1330: Actions against foreign states

      (a) The district courts shall have original jurisdiction without
    regard to amount in controversy of any nonjury civil action against
    a foreign state as defined in section 1603(a) of this title as to
    any claim for relief in personam with respect to which the foreign
    state is not entitled to immunity either under sections 1605-1607
    of this title or under any applicable international agreement.
      (b) Personal jurisdiction over a foreign state shall exist as to
    every claim for relief over which the district courts have
    jurisdiction under subsection (a) where service has been made under
    section 1608 of this title.
      (c) For purposes of subsection (b), an appearance by a foreign
    state does not confer personal jurisdiction with respect to any
    claim for relief not arising out of any transaction or occurrence
    enumerated in sections 1605-1607 of this title.