42 U.S.C. § 710 : US Code - Section 710: Separate program for abstinence education

    (a) In general
      For the purpose described in subsection (b) of this section, the
    Secretary shall, for each of fiscal years 2010 through 2014, allot
    to each State which has transmitted an application for the fiscal
    year under section 705(a) of this title an amount equal to the
    product of - 
        (1) the amount appropriated in subsection (d) of this section
      for the fiscal year; and
        (2) the percentage determined for the State under section
      702(c)(1)(B)(ii) of this title.
    (b) Purpose of allotment
      (1) The purpose of an allotment under subsection (a) of this
    section to a State is to enable the State to provide abstinence
    education, and at the option of the State, where appropriate,
    mentoring, counseling, and adult supervision to promote abstinence
    from sexual activity, with a focus on those groups which are most
    likely to bear children out-of-wedlock.
      (2) For purposes of this section, the term "abstinence education"
    means an educational or motivational program which - 
        (A) has as its exclusive purpose, teaching the social,
      psychological, and health gains to be realized by abstaining from
      sexual activity;
        (B) teaches abstinence from sexual activity outside marriage as
      the expected standard for all school age children;
        (C) teaches that abstinence from sexual activity is the only
      certain way to avoid out-of-wedlock pregnancy, sexually
      transmitted diseases, and other associated health problems;
        (D) teaches that a mutually faithful monogamous relationship in
      context of marriage is the expected standard of human sexual
        (E) teaches that sexual activity outside of the context of
      marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and physical
        (F) teaches that bearing children out-of-wedlock is likely to
      have harmful consequences for the child, the child's parents, and
        (G) teaches young people how to reject sexual advances and how
      alcohol and drug use increases vulnerability to sexual advances;
        (H) teaches the importance of attaining self-sufficiency before
      engaging in sexual activity.
    (c) Applicability of sections 703, 707, and 708
      (1) Sections 703, 707, and 708 of this title apply to allotments
    under subsection (a) of this section to the same extent and in the
    same manner as such sections apply to allotments under section
    702(c) of this title.
      (2) Sections 705 and 706 of this title apply to allotments under
    subsection (a) of this section to the extent determined by the
    Secretary to be appropriate.
    (d) Appropriations
      For the purpose of allotments under subsection (a) of this
    section, there is appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury
    not otherwise appropriated, an additional $50,000,000 for each of
    the fiscal years 2010 through 2014. The appropriation under the
    preceding sentence for a fiscal year is made on October 1 of the
    fiscal year (except that such appropriation shall be made on March
    23, 2010, in the case of fiscal year 2010).