7 U.S.C. § 19 : US Code - Section 19: Consideration of costs and benefits and antitrust laws

    (a) Costs and benefits
      (1) In general
        Before promulgating a regulation under this chapter or issuing
      an order (except as provided in paragraph (3)), the Commission
      shall consider the costs and benefits of the action of the
      (2) Considerations
        The costs and benefits of the proposed Commission action shall
      be evaluated in light of - 
          (A) considerations of protection of market participants and
        the public;
          (B) considerations of the efficiency, competitiveness, and
        financial integrity of futures markets;
          (C) considerations of price discovery;
          (D) considerations of sound risk management practices; and
          (E) other public interest considerations.
      (3) Applicability
        This subsection does not apply to the following actions of the
          (A) An order that initiates, is part of, or is the result of
        an adjudicatory or investigative process of the Commission.
          (B) An emergency action.
          (C) A finding of fact regarding compliance with a requirement
        of the Commission.
    (b) Antitrust laws
      The Commission shall take into consideration the public interest
    to be protected by the antitrust laws and endeavor to take the
    least anticompetitive means of achieving the objectives of this
    chapter, as well as the policies and purposes of this chapter, in
    issuing any order or adopting any Commission rule or regulation
    (including any exemption under section 6(c) or 6c(b) of this
    title), or in requiring or approving any bylaw, rule, or regulation
    of a contract market or registered futures association established
    pursuant to section 21 of this title.