7 U.S.C. § 608b : US Code - Section 608B: Marketing agreements; exemption from anti-trust laws; inspection requirements for handlers not subject to agreements

      (a) In order to effectuate the declared policy of this chapter,
    the Secretary of Agriculture shall have the power, after due notice
    and opportunity for hearing, to enter into marketing agreements
    with processors, producers, associations of producers, and others
    engaged in the handling of any agricultural commodity or product
    thereof, only with respect to such handling as is in the current of
    interstate or foreign commerce or which directly burdens,
    obstructs, or affects, interstate or foreign commerce in such
    commodity or product thereof. The making of any such agreement
    shall not be held to be in violation of any of the antitrust laws
    of the United States, and any such agreement shall be deemed to be
    lawful: Provided, That no such agreement shall remain in force
    after the termination of this chapter.
      (b)(1) If an agreement with the Secretary is in effect with
    respect to peanuts pursuant to this section - 
        (A) all peanuts handled by persons who have not entered into
      such an agreement with the Secretary shall be subject to
      inspection to the same extent and manner as is required by such
        (B) no such peanuts shall be sold or otherwise disposed of for
      human consumption if such peanuts fail to meet the quality
      requirements of such agreement; and
        (C) any assessment (except with respect to any assessment for
      the indemnification of losses on rejected peanuts) imposed under
      the agreement shall - 
          (i) apply to peanut handlers (as defined by the Secretary)
        who have not entered into such an agreement with the Secretary
        in addition to those handlers who have entered into the
        agreement; and
          (ii) be paid to the Secretary.

      (2) Violation of this subsection by a person who has not entered
    into such an agreement shall result in the assessment by the
    Secretary of a penalty equal to 140 percent of the support price
    for quota peanuts multiplied by the quantity of peanuts sold or
    disposed of in violation of subsection (b)(1)(B) of this section,
    as determined under section 1445c-3 (!1) of this title, for the
    marketing year for the crop with respect to which such violation