8 U.S.C. § 1722 : US Code - Section 1722: Interoperable law enforcement and intelligence data system with name-matching capacity and training

    (a) Interoperable law enforcement and intelligence electronic data
      (1) Requirement for integrated immigration and naturalization
        data system
        The Immigration and Naturalization Service shall fully
      integrate all databases and data systems maintained by the
      Service that process or contain information on aliens. The fully
      integrated data system shall be an interoperable component of the
      electronic data system described in paragraph (2).
      (2) Requirement for interoperable data system
        Upon the date of commencement of implementation of the plan
      required by section 1721(c) of this title, the President shall
      develop and implement an interoperable electronic data system to
      provide current and immediate access to information in databases
      of Federal law enforcement agencies and the intelligence
      community that is relevant to determine whether to issue a visa
      or to determine the admissibility or deportability of an alien
      (also known as the "Chimera system").
      (3) Consultation requirement
        In the development and implementation of the data system under
      this subsection, the President shall consult with the Director of
      the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and any
      such other agency as may be deemed appropriate.
      (4) Technology standard
        (A) In general
          The data system developed and implemented under this
        subsection, and the databases referred to in paragraph (2),
        shall utilize the technology standard established pursuant to
        section 1379 of this title.
        (B) Omitted
      (5) Access to information in data system
        Subject to paragraph (6), information in the data system under
      this subsection shall be readily and easily accessible - 
          (A) to any consular officer responsible for the issuance of
          (B) to any Federal official responsible for determining an
        alien's admissibility to or deportability from the United
        States; and
          (C) to any Federal law enforcement or intelligence officer
        determined by regulation to be responsible for the
        investigation or identification of aliens.
      (6) Limitation on access
        The President shall, in accordance with applicable Federal
      laws, establish procedures to restrict access to intelligence
      information in the data system under this subsection, and the
      databases referred to in paragraph (2), under circumstances in
      which such information is not to be disclosed directly to
      Government officials under paragraph (5).
    (b) Name-search capacity and support
      (1) In general
        The interoperable electronic data system required by subsection
      (a) of this section shall - 
          (A) have the capacity to compensate for disparate name
        formats among the different databases referred to in subsection
        (a) of this section;
          (B) be searchable on a linguistically sensitive basis;
          (C) provide adequate user support;
          (D) to the extent practicable, utilize commercially available
        technology; and
          (E) be adjusted and improved, based upon experience with the
        databases and improvements in the underlying technologies and
        sciences, on a continuing basis.
      (2) Linguistically sensitive searches
        (A) In general
          To satisfy the requirement of paragraph (1)(B), the
        interoperable electronic database shall be searchable based on
        linguistically sensitive algorithms that - 
            (i) account for variations in name formats and
          transliterations, including varied spellings and varied
          separation or combination of name elements, within a
          particular language; and
            (ii) incorporate advanced linguistic, mathematical,
          statistical, and anthropological research and methods.
        (B) Languages required
          (i) Priority languages
            Linguistically sensitive algorithms shall be developed and
          implemented for no fewer than 4 languages designated as high
          priorities by the Secretary of State, after consultation with
          the Attorney General and the Director of Central
          (ii) Implementation schedule
            Of the 4 linguistically sensitive algorithms required to be
          developed and implemented under clause (i) - 
              (I) the highest priority language algorithms shall be
            implemented within 18 months after May 14, 2002; and
              (II) an additional language algorithm shall be
            implemented each succeeding year for the next three years.
      (3) Adequate user support
        The Secretary of State and the Attorney General shall jointly
      prescribe procedures to ensure that consular and immigration
      officers can, as required, obtain assistance in resolving
      identity and other questions that may arise about the names of
      aliens seeking visas or admission to the United States that may
      be subject to variations in format, transliteration, or other
      similar phenomenon.
      (4) Interim reports
        Six months after May 14, 2002, the President shall submit a
      report to the appropriate committees of Congress on the progress
      in implementing each requirement of this section.
      (5) Reports by intelligence agencies
        (A) Current standards
          Not later than 60 days after May 14, 2002, the Director of
        Central Intelligence shall complete the survey and issue the
        report previously required by section 309(a) of the
        Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998 (50 U.S.C.
        403-3 note).(!1)

        (B) Guidelines
          Not later than 120 days after May 14, 2002, the Director of
        Central Intelligence shall issue the guidelines and submit the
        copy of those guidelines previously required by section 309(b)
        of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998.
      (6) Authorization of appropriations
        There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as are
      necessary to carry out the provisions of this subsection.